Happiness is the highest level of success! 

Beauty Life Coach LLC mission will gain you happiness, peace, and love in your life. Life's fulfillment are  being able to do what you love and able to provide for the ones you love. The life full of confident, joy, and freedom because we are entitled to it! 

I learn self-development and self-efficient through meditating. I hope to use this approach to help others to acheive what I achieved.  My services aim for self-development, self-caring, and self-healing. It is all about you and healing.  

I hope to be a part of your healing journey! 

Lena Nguyen 
Certified Master Life Coach  @ Transformation Academy 


I am an active member at Living Word Church in Minneapolis with Pastor Lesley & Rose and many other mentors as my guidance. 

Dearest God, I pray that you heal us from the inside and shine upon us.  May you always guide and protect us. May we heal together and enjoy peace, love, and blessings in our daily lives. Amen.